giovedì 17 gennaio 2008

Meredith Kercher Murder: Footprint In Amanda Knox's Room

Italian forensic teams investigating the murder of a British student have discovered a bloody footprint in the bedroom of suspect Amanda Knox.

Journalist Nick Pisa in Rome said police would compare the print with those of the three people in custody following Meredith Kercher's death in Perugia last November.
The faint, bare footprint was found by police scientists using Luminol, a substance which turns blue in the presence of blood.
Edgardo Giobbi, chief of the Rome-based scientific police, said: "This is a crucial discovery and very important.
"It was discovered during the examination of the apartment and was in Amanda's bedroom. At this stage we do not know if it was made by a man or a woman.
"It will be compared to the three suspects and there were also traces of blood found between the room and other parts of the apartment.
"Luminol also showed up traces of blood in Meredith's bedroom and these are also being investigated."
Forensic teams have also discovered the DNA of another suspect, Raffaele Sollecito, on Miss Kercher's bra strap, which appeared to have been cut with a knife.
The 21-year-old exchange student from Coulsdon, Surrey, was found semi-naked and with her throat cut in her bedroom in Perugia on November 2.
American Knox, 20, Sollecito, 23, and Rudy Herman Guede, 20, are being held on suspicion of murder.
Guede's DNA has also been found on Miss Kercher's bra as well as a bloody
Sky news 11 gennaio 2008

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